PT. Mastersystem Infotama

Cloud Consultant

PT. Mastersystem Infotama
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24 Mei 2022 - 24 Jun 2022

Deskripsi Pekerjaan dan Persyaratan

Job Desciption: Design, implement, migrate, or maintain cloud applications, processes, or computing systems. The job duties often include software installation and hardware configuration as well as customization to fit the requirements of the company. Qualifications: A Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Information Science, Computer Engineering or IT Strong customer service skills with communication skills Good recommending skills including analytical abilities Problem-solving skills with an in-depth knowledge of one operating system such as Linux, Windows, Unix and many more Experience with network administration like DNS, VPN, BGP and programming languages like Node.JS, Java, Python and so on Practical experience in compute infrastructure, networking, DevOps and Hadoop

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