Tools Programmer

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30 Jun 2021 - 31 Jul 2021

Job Description & Requirement

PLEASE APPLY THROUGH: RESPONSIBILITIES: Take responsibility for delivering our work; Collaborate constantly, helping each other to be successful; Continuously improve knowledge, workflows and processes; Communicate openly, calling out issues, opportunities, and sharing feedback; Have integrity, maintain confidentiality, and share a sense of ownership in our success; Able to write maintainable and clean codes, and also able to follow company code standard. REQUIREMENTS: Strong programming skills in C#; Passion for tools and software development with a service-oriented attitude; Familiar with Git versioning system; Good problem-solving skill; Solid understanding of data structure, algorithm, and how they related to performance. PLUSES: Have a programming academic background; Experience with backend technical; Strong MVC pattern; Experience with modular based code architecture; Has knowledge of CI/CD; Experience with using open source project; Familiar with basic scripting (CLI)

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