Live Ops Manager

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23 Jun 2021 - 31 Jul 2021

Job Description & Requirement

PLEASE APPLY THROUGH: The LiveOps Manager is responsible for the game’s Live Ops, from scheduling, conception & planning, through design, development and operation and finally following through with long-term planning based on the game’s future roadmap, A/B testing and analytics. The LiveOps Manager will report to the Consumer Operation Head and work closely with the Product Manager to make sure that daily game-wide goals are met, our activity continues to evolve, and its standard continues to rise. To successfully perform this, they will interface with all game leads and all stages of the game life cycle: planning, art design, development, QA and production. Monetization today is one of the foundations of our games, serving to make each player’s experience diverse and exciting on a day-to-day basis! By constantly introducing original, short-lived in-game activities that interact with the base game, we aim to create an ongoing cycle of anticipation and variation. This requires a sound understanding of the game’s core functionalities, combined with the ability to leverage them through clear and consistent UI and visual communication across various Live Ops, which include daily challenges, ongoing mini-games, both game community-wide & personalized promotions and more. Our Live Ops are based around real-world calendar events, new game content, game features or changes – we are limited only by our creativity, and that creativity is the foundation of successful Live Ops! RESPONSIBILITIES: Work closely (or collaborate) with Product Manager, Game (economy) Designer, Data Analyst, Marketing and Community Management to coordinate LiveOps activities, such as in-game event, in-game sales and promotion, in-game communication, or game feature update to drive monthly goals and target metrics of the game; Develop a comprehensive LiveOps plan or re-design the existing LiveOps activities to engage users each month; Be responsible for managing the implementation of live events or new features and overseeing the deployment from testing to reporting; Regularly monitor game key metrics and user feedback, report the LiveOps activities’ performance and analyze its impacts on the assigned KPIs; Utilize and suggest a product feature and tool optimization to the development team by surfacing unmet player and admin needs; Analyze competitor products and initiatives to benchmark best practice. ADMINISTRATIVE REQUIREMENTS: Must not currently active in school or college; Able to work full time at Agate HQ (in Bandung, Indonesia). REQUIREMENTS: Excellent analytical thinking with sound product judgment and business understanding; Extensive experience in LiveOps role of consumer/tech product, preferably having solid understanding of mobile game industry; Understanding in the economy of a live game, monetization design, multi-currency monetization scheme; Understanding in digital media, including display, social, video, trafficking, and reporting; Proper documentation and presentation skills, especially on in-game performance; Empathy for players and ability to create appealing and successful event; Able to implement in-game events using LiveOps tools or game engine; Clear verbal and written communication skills; Able to work with different teams across department; Ability to manage time, organize task, and prioritize effectively in a fast-paced environment; Experience building models and defining data needs; also proficiency in Excel; Proficiency with SQL and Tableau is a plus; Avid gamers is a plus; Game design knowledge is a great advantage; Clear verbal and written communication skills in English; Fresh Graduate are welcome

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