PT Lawencon Internasional

WebMethods Engineer

PT Lawencon Internasional
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06 May 2021 - 31 Dec 2021

Job Description & Requirement

Requirements: Bachelor/Professional Degree in Engineering: Computer/Information/Tech/Science/Math or relevant Have a least two (2) year of experience Certified in the field of web method Strong knowledge of API concept and microservices Experience with infrastructure design Working Knowledge of MS SQL Server, and/or Oracle relational databases configuration Solid knowledge with Java EE, Java generics and Java APIs. Knowledge and experience building RESTful and SOAP services in webMethods Willing to follow shift schedule Job Descriptions: Ensure the application components align with the application architecture Identify and address application and data issues that affect application and the business architecture integrity Work with other architects to ensure the application components align with a specific architecture component Identify risks and assumptions associated with the applications Assess the impact of the integration requirements to the technical architecture and specify the integration service requirements Validate that the application requirements meet overall business process needs, are within the project scope, and are internally consistent. Validate that the integration solution and integration architecture designs utilize the integration architecture components appropriately Participate in code reviews and unit test execution review. Work with the application designer to create a high-level design of an end-to-end integration solution by : defining the flow of data between the applications that must be integrated, mapping business process activities to the applications that support them, and drafting a data object model that provides a common structure for mapping the data between the applications

Job Location

Pakuwon Tower Lantai 22