PT. Realta Chakradarma

Project Management Officer

PT. Realta Chakradarma
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05 Jan 2021 - 31 Jan 2021

Job Description & Requirement

PROJECT MANAGEMENT OFFICER Responsibilities: • Collaborating with other department leaders to define, prioritize, and develop projects. • Planning project management, including setting deadlines, prioritizing tasks, and assigning team members to various deliverables. • Analyzing financial data, including project budgets, risks, and resource allocation. • Providing financial reports and budget outlines to Executives. • Overseeing the development of the project and ensuring that team members are carrying out their tasks efficiently while upholding the company's standards. • Drafting new and improving existing project management office policies and processes. • Continuously evaluating projects to ensure they are meeting company standards, adhering to budgets, and meeting deadlines. • Accurately documenting the project's creation, development, and execution as well as documenting the project's scope, budget, and justification. PROJECT MANAGEMENT OFFICER Requirements: • A Bachelor's degree or An Associate’s degree in Business, Administration, or a related field. • A minimum of one years' experience in the IT industry. • Experience in a supervisory position may be advantageous. • Max. Age : 40 years • Strong leadership skills. • Good teamwork. • Good written and verbal communication in Bahasa dan English skills. • Able to work under pressure. • Excellent organizational and technical skills. • Good interpersonal and multi-tasking skills. • Proactive, Initiative and Inovative

Job Location

Jl. Sidorejo no 99, Sambirejo, Semarang Timur 50124, Semarang