FAQ Perusahaan

What is SIMONAS?
SIMONAS is an online talent pool and job-recruitment platform developed by the Ministry of Communications and Informatics of The Republic of Indonesia. While originally designed as an information and monitoring system for National Work Competency Standardization System (SKKNI) training graduates and Digital Talent Scholarship (DTS) graduates, SIMONAS is now open to all Indonesian job seekers and companies.
How do I sign up?
For company, you can sign up on https://simonas.kominfo.go.id then you can simply sign up by clicking “Employers” on the upper right button of SIMONAS homepage and go to the “Register” and fill the details of your company. After that wait until the admin accepting your account. After the admin accepting your company, go log-in again with the account you’ve been created
What do I do after being logged onto my SIMONAS account?
In order to activate your account and make your profile visible to job seekers, you must update your company profile and fill the necessary details, including company’s logo.